Yuneec Drone Batteries

Older Yuneec craft batteries were standard LIPOs, that is, with a nominal voltage of 3.7 per cell. There are many non-Yuneec chargers that can be used to charge them.

However, newer Yuneec craft, such as the H520, the Typhoon H Plus, and the Mantis Q, come with "high-voltage LIPOs", also called LIHV. These batteries have a nominal voltage of 3.8 per cell, so if you need to use a non-Yuneec charger with these new craft, it must be able to balance charge High-voltage LIPOs. All Yuneec chargers balance charge the batteries.

Chargers that advertise ability to discharge to storage usually take a long time to do so, making it a good practice to fly unused batteries a few minutes before leaving the flight area. NEVER store a fully charged drone battery over a day or two. Keep all drone batteries in a fire-resistant bag or container when not in use, at room temp.

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