Notes About the Typhoon H Plus

BASICS: There seems to be some confusion as to the TH Plus being or not being almost the same as the H520. First: The most obvious thing is that the Plus does not have the sophisticated DataPilot software included in the cost as does the H520. The cameras are the same BASIC sensors with different build-outs. The H520 does NOT send flight info to remote servers, and, being a commercial craft, does not restrict with "No Fly Zones".

If you have a valid FAA Remote Pilot Certificate, you can request from Yuneec an Unlock Code to remove NFZ restrictions on your TH Plus. Give them your FAA number, the craft serial number and product number, take responsibility for your actions, and they will email the code to you. Make sure you have the latest updates before applying the unlock code. You will not need to reapply the code after future updates unless you reset the ST16S.

The ST16S controllers, both TH Plus and H520, with latest updates, can be used in Team Mode (one ST16S operates craft, the other controls camera) with the H520. Follow guidance in Team Mode Manuals.

1. The TH Plus uses the same batteries and charger as the H520. Of course, all TH and H520 batteries will work in all these crafts, but the Typhoon H batteries will only charge with TH chargers. Various parts are the same. The 4 Gimbal rubber shocks appear to be silicone fluid filled, and owners report some leakage although that does not seem to affect video quality.

2. The Plus camera uses the same filter size as the H520 (40.5 mm, and using the Yuneec adapter), and 39 mm lens caps will fit both cameras. The cameras are not interchangeable!

3. The TH Plus is exceptionally stable. GPS is quite accurate, as is the height indication at low altitudes. The Barometer and the IPS (on RealSense models) re-measure in real time to correct height readings for rising or falling atmospheric pressures.

The craft takes off and lands with complete stability, shuts itself off on landing. The TH Plus does not have audible feedback, the H520 does.

4. RealSense (OA turned ON) in Angle mode will stop you from running into an obstacle IN FRONT, but will not steer around it. If legs are up, RealSense will not stop you from landing as it does on the older RealSense Typhoon H. In "Watch Me Mode" with RealSense turned on and good GPS Sats on the controller (12 or more), RealSense will take complete control of the craft and follow you (to about 10-11 mph max) while avoiding trees, etc.

5. Reports are that some Samsung and other micro-cards, regardless of speed rating, are not accepted by this camera, regardless of capacity or speed rating.

UPDATE: Some users say that A1 cards are accepted, but not A2 (info on front of micro-card).

6. A hidden menu can be accessed by tapping the Compass Calibration icon (in Settings) 5 times rapidly, but do not use that menu except under the direction of a qualified tech.

7. Update: A recent update added ability to change "Sport Mode" to "Smart Mode". You must be 10 meters, 35' away before this is allowed. RealSense not available in "Smart Mode", and the craft does not turn toward the direction of travel.

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