Mavic Air - Misc. Notes

1. Using filters on the MA camera. Only purchase filters expressly made for the MA. It is necessary to first unscrew the existing lens ring. Many owners complain that it is difficult to unscrew. IF you resort to pliers, take care to not damage the gimbal.

2. Some of the Intelligent Flight Modes, Smart Capture for example, automatically reset the camera to 1080p. Unfortunately the original camera setting is not automatically recovered when the mode is exited. you fly with the MA, keep an eye on the camera parameter bar. This may be corrected with software updates.

3. The craft camera micro-card, under a rear flap, can be hard to access without small fingers. Some owners use tweezers. A dime is handy to prize open the flap. The USB-C port here is used to connect to DJI Assistant on a computer (see MANUAL for details). Be careful to use the correct USB cable ("C" connection is reversible). NOTE THIS: If you connect the craft to a computer, then turn it on (no DJI Assistant), you will have access both to the craft 8 GB internal storage AND the camera micro-card.

4.DJI "CrystalSky" monitors now work with the Mavic Air (and other DJI drones of course).

See info HERE .

 5. The Litchi App now works with the MA. Switching between Litchi and DJI Go can be difficult using an Android device: whichever app you run Android makes the default, and it then tries to keep control. Go into Settings in display device, APP Settings. Go to Litchi or DJI Go, scroll down to Permissions, click Default Device off (click on it, then reset to clear permissions). When you switch Apps, first turn off the Controller and the Craft.

You need to follow this "Clear Permissions" procedure each time before you switch Apps.

6. When you download maps in DJI Go for off-line storage, they are stored in the display device. If you want a Sat or Hybrid map to appear on the screen, select the upper decal on the right side of the map screen and select Hybrid, Street, or Sat to switch. Litchi will use these same maps.

7.To learn your MA drone date of manufacture, enter your serial number HERE .

8. MA batteries recharge fairly fast, but the controller does not. We suggest that you recharge the controller every 2 or 3 flights, so as to keep elapsed charging time reasonable.

 9. Updates: When updating DJI may want to update NFZs and possibly want you to take their test. As always be sure all devices are charged before starting updates. After updates, perform a Compass Calibration.

10. The MA flying sound is like an angry bee. Some owners like it and some do not. The company Master Airscrew makes (in the USA) quieter replacement props for the MA and other DJI craft.

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