Yuneec's DataPilot on ST16s

From the Commercial Division, this instructional video goes step by step constructing a DataPilot Mission for the H520.

Tip: Once you design a plan on your PC, you may find that you can not control where to save it. You name the plan, then it will have a ".plan" suffix. You will find it in the "My Documents\DataPilot Planner\Missions" folder of your computer. From there you can copy it to a USB drive or a micro-card. Insert the micro-card into the ST16s, copy and paste the plan file into the internal Missions folder. Then, with your craft connected, open DataPilot, touch Sync, and upload the plan file. Now you're good to go once the correct map displays.

Another DataPilot instructional video: A Survey Mission with the H520

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