Replacing the Typhoon H GPS/Compass Module

Replacing the GPS/Compass module, Part #YUNTYH116SVC, is easy and a good way to become acquainted with the TH modular construction. Remove the camera and props, turn the TH upside down, and remove the 10 hex screws around the periphery. Now turn the craft back over and carefully prize the top cover loose, working your way around the craft.

As it opens, from the craft front you see the module under a sticky tape at the rear, with a wire harness going to the main board below. Carefully unplug the wire connector from the board, then slowly peel back enough of the tape to expose the old module. Now use a tiny screwdriver to remove the 4 screws that hold the module board down.

Install the new module exactly the same way, reversing all your steps. Press the tape back down carefully over the new module once it is secured (take care to be sure the board is positioned correctly before screwing it down). Plug the cable connector to the main board, then snap the covers together, using your fingers and working your way around before reinstalling the 10 screws.

You can order the module here: Yuneec-Typhoon-H-GPS-Module





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