Replacing Broken Camera Gimbal Slide

Because the Typhoon H CGO3+ camera is so exposed to damage as it hangs below the craft, it is common for it to be torn loose in a crash. The slide rails typically break off, and the rubber dampers may also pull loose. This video show how to replace the gimbal slide, Yuneec part #YUNCGO3P105, which you can purchase here: Gimbal Slide-Typhoon-H-CGO3+

The video jumps past inserting the rubber dampers, which are easy to do only on one side. On the other side, use dental floss or a small rubber band around the rubber flange, then pull it through the hole.


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    geoffrey waddell

    more damage no worry with paying for repairs just first flight it brand new and lost control, I live in a nursing home and it all I can do because of my condition, again money not a problem, thankyou.

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    Yikes! Sorry to hear about your crash.

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