Typhoon H - Watch Me Mode

Here the Typhoon H follows a speedboat in windy conditions. Notice the Typhoon's rock-solid stability coupled with the CGO-3+ camera. Although the camera tilt can be adjusted, the TH is in total autonomous control. Set both ST16 left camera switches in the middle position.

Follow Me and Watch Me modes can be used in two ways:

1) If you have a RealSense Typhoon H, and want to fly the TH so that it avoids obstacles, such as trees, once in the air turn on OA. You'll get a green icon indicating active RS. Be aware that craft speed is limited to 11-12 MPH with RS on.

2) If you can fly at an altitude above obstacles, trees, etc., as in the video below, leave OA off. Now the craft can fly at maximum speed (up to 40 MPH) while it tracks the ST16 controller or a Wizard. Do not outrun the craft. Set an appropriate height before engaging Follow or Watch.

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