Camera View Flight Screen w/Data Info

After you bind a camera, E90 shown here, this is the first ST16s screen to appear after system startup and initialization. The left vertical bar can be used to have the craft perform autonomously or you can ignore it. The top horizontal bar has the "Y" icon. Tap it to return to this screen. Three horizontal lines is the menu. The Bell, which can change to a Triangle, has a telemetry info drop down when tapped. Angle is the current mode of flying. The Radio icon and voltage is your ST16s. The Airplane icon is the craft, tap it to get craft GPS info. Next is the craft battery, and on the far right is the camera Wi-Fi information. Tap this to change cameras or bind a new camera (refer to the Owners Manual).

The centered floating horizontal bar at top contains camera settings, either still or video settings, depending on which is    active. The centered floating thin and thick vertical bars on the right side are the camera settings (thick bar) and a Gimbal Angle degree indicator (thin bar) to see camera tilt and pan directions). Tap the Camera Icon to switch from stills to video. Note: if this is set to stills and you press the ST16s Video Switch or vice versa, the system will automatically switch over. Set your parameters for still pictures and videos separately, the system will remember them for subsequent flights.

In the bottom right corner is a black compass. The craft heading is shown here, in degrees or with the red pointer. Horizontal speed and craft altitude are also shown. On the horizontal white bar extending from the compass left side are readings for total distance traveled, elapsed flight time, GPS co-ordinates, craft horizontal distance from St16s, and craft vertical speed.


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