The DataPilot Flight Screen

Once you have a suitable map loaded off-line into the tablet (Follow the Manual instructions carefully to find a map and size it for your application), that map will be available on the ST16s DataPilot screen after the system boots up and is ready. Switch between camera view and map view with a tap on the lower left inset. You can adjust the map scale by pinching or expanding using thumb and forefinger within the zoom limits you preset.

The screen shot below demonstrates this during a short flight with the satellite map scale set to 100'. Coarse scales, such as 500', will give better screen readability but less flight detail. No mission had been set here, but with the drone near home, the screen was tapped and the craft flew itself to that point (where it shows "Goto Here") and stopped. Angle control then resumed.

Note also the info readouts at the moment the screen shot was taken: craft was facing a few degrees north of East, hovering (no H or V speed), distance from controller 269', total distance traveled 1314', height 116', and elapsed time 3:13.

The camera view, lower left inset, shows that the craft operated above a forested area.

This video goes step by step through a DataPilot Survey Mission operation: A DataPilot Survey Mission with the H520 and E90 camera



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