Installing H520 System Updates, Including the E90 Camera

H520 firmware update status: Check subsequent posts.


Updating has never been easier. The 520 system can be updated over a good internet connection; here we will tell you how to use the traditional micro-card method. It is quick and easy. Use a formatted 16 or 32 GB Class 10 or better card for this purpose. Other files can be on this card, but using a clean card will avoid confusion.

The H520 systems can also be updated over a good Wi-Fi connection as per the manual. Many commercial operators for security reasons may not want their system connected to the internet. You will need a connection to load maps for DataPilot, but once the needed maps are stored in your ST16s, the internet connection can be disabled again (if you simply turn the Wi-Fi OFF, it may turn itself back on, so "Forget" the connection to be secure).

To upgrade the craft, controller, and/or camera, download the upgrade files from a Yuneec website (USA customers go here:, or here: SDK Site) then copy them to the micro-card.

For camera and Autopilot (Flight Controller) upgrades, put this micro-card into the camera, insert a charged battery in the craft. It is not necessary to turn on the ST16s. Start the craft and watch the camera front light. Give ample time;. The camera light blinks green during the process; the craft will reboot when updating is finished and the two rear craft lights flash purple again. You may shut the craft down. Remove the card and examine it with your computer. The update file(s) should have disappeared.

To upgrade the ST16, repeat this process with the correct update file, insert the card into the ST16s. Craft does not need to be connected. Now you have two choices:

1) Use the screen menu, go into the Vehicle area, and choose Update Firmware, the bottom item. -OR-

2) Go into tablet, use File Manager, change to External card and find the upgrade file. Touch it and it will run. If you get a "Prohibited" message, go to that setting and change to "Allow" such actions. Then the update will go ahead. The ST16s update file will remain on the micro-card, you can now delete it if you wish.

To double-check updates, turn on the ST16s, then the craft (craft must be connected). Open the menu (3 horizontal lines at top) and check info. All the firmware will be displayed, with version numbers.


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